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The Florida Health Insurance Exchange will find the best options available for individual health insurance and Medicare Plans.

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Your Florida health insurance plan be customized to your specific health insurance and Medicare plans needs,

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At The Florida Health Insurance Exchange, we are sensitive to Seniors needs and strive to offer the best Medicare Plans available.

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When it comes to maintaining your personal health, one choice can lead to a lifetime of living well.

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From medical insurancedental insurance, and vision insurance plans to life insurance, we have what you need.

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Keep your VA benefits, Access additional network providers, Get $50 monthly back in your pocket, SilverSneakers fitness & more…

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Healthier you. Medical Insurance plans, individuals health plans, and family health plans, and Term Life.

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At The Florida Health Insurance Exchange, including FWH & Associates, Inc. and Brevard Agencies, our mission is to help you find the right health care coverage at the right price. We monitor all the top health plans while providing personalized service at the same price as buying direct. Florida Health Insurance providers we monitor include: Aetna, AARP, Cigna, Health First, Humana and United Health Care.

We provide local and personalized service at direct prices! We will help you find an affordable solution to your health insurance needs.

From medical insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance plans to life insurance, The Florida Health Insurance Exchange strives to provide affordable health insurance and Medicare plans options and personalized health insurance support that can get you off and run toward a stronger, healthier you. Medical Insurance plans, individuals health plans and family health plans and Term Life. FWH Quote FWH Quote Me .com FWH Quote Me

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How can I choose the best health insurance for me?

When it comes to selecting a health insurance plan, the premium is the most important factor for many shoppers – especially those who are currently healthy. But price shouldn’t be the only factor upon which you base your selection, even if your primary concern is financial (as opposed to factors such as provider networks, drug formularies, and quality ratings).

Can young adults still remain on their parents’ health plans until age 26?

Allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance adds an extra coverage option for people at the start of their careers. But that does not mean that remaining on a parent’s health plan is always the best choice.

Is there still a penalty for being uninsured?

This controversial provision stipulated that people who didn’t have minimum essential coverage would be subject to a tax penalty unless they were exempt from the shared responsibility provision.

Is pediatric dental coverage included in exchange plans?

It depends. There is no penalty for not having pediatric dental on your policy. And in most exchanges, you can purchase a plan without pediatric dental. But off-exchange, carriers are required to include pediatric dental unless they have determined that you have pediatric dental from another source.

Should I let my individual health insurance plan automatically renew?

You might decide to renew your existing coverage, or you might end up switching to a different plan. But one of the reasons the ACA’s health insurance exchanges were created was to foster a sense of competition and choice, and to encourage Americans to comparison shop for their health coverage. You can’t do that if you passively let your current coverage auto-renew.

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